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Organization & Balance

Organizing A Gift Wrap Central

  Organizing A Gift Wrap Central. I learned my lesson about a gift wrap closet years ago when I realized I was racing up the stairs from the basement to the second floor to wrap gifts that would then be hidden on the first floor.  It was around midnight on Christmas Eve that I finally […]

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Finance & Frugality

5 Times You Are Going To Overspend (And How To Stop Yourself)

5 Times You Are Going To Overspend (And How To Stop Yourself) There’s no more dangerous time than the holidays for overspending- you’re with your friends, you’re in the giving mood, blah blah blah. No matter how tightly you hold the purse strings, there’s certain times and scenarios that leave you with a zero balance […]

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Body, Beauty & Soul

Stuff I Do NOT Get About The Holidays

  Stuff I do NOT get about the Holidays. Last year on Christmas Eve morning, The Todd and I shared in something utterly amazing. Late the night before, I’d been on the phone with a frantic coordinator from one of the local community refugee services.  Four families from the Sudan just arrived in Salt Lake City pretty […]

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Family, Food & Fun

Five New Holiday Traditions To Try

Five new holiday traditions to try. I’d forgotten the excitement the twins used to show when we’d open the boxes filled with Christmas decorations.  Now they’re 15 and too cool (I think they still dig it) to show it.  But 3 year old Zoe is all about asking “where did we get those stars?”  And “is […]

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Celebrity Style & Buzz

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