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Organization & Balance

organized closet

5 More “I Did Not Know That!” Girlie Life Solutions

I’m still madly in love with the first “Girlie” post where we learned about magnetizing makeup to keep it tidy and visible on a board–and out of the grasping paws of my lovely 3 year old Zoe. So, I figured that we with ovaries deserved more girlie-style life solutions.  Just for us. 5 More “I […]

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Finance & Frugality

toms and uggs 40 off

Ugg Boots & Tom’s Shoes 40% Off!

Ugg Boots & Tom’s Shoes 40% Off! I’ve been greedily circling Zulily like a deranged one-winged vulture because I knew they were going to be posting Uggs and Toms this week. Behold! Hurry and get what you want NOW. They will instantly sell out and don’t always manage to restock what you wanted. The sale’s […]

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Body, Beauty & Soul

choosing between two meals

What’s Really Making You Fat? Smart Meal Choices

What’s Really Making You Fat? Smart Meal Choices I knew most of this stuff before I read through this excellent blog–it’s called and is worth checking out. Nothing more frustrating than trying to make a good meal choice and seeing the scale numbers mocking you the next day.  Take a look:

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Family, Food & Fun


Valentine’s Heart-Shaped Pie Pops

Oh, don’t act all shocked–we both know that the kitchen for me is where “that cold box is.”  I do bestir myself for baking on occasion, because my only real culinary skill is a rather magnificent pie crust.  Since I’m making Valentine’s Heart-Shaped Pie Pops, I thought you might want to try them, too… First, […]

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Celebrity Style & Buzz

50 shades of grey review

The 50 Shades Of “Hey! What IS This?”

The 50 Shades Of “Hey! What IS This?” Remember last week when I was freaking out about the“50 Shades Of Grey” teddy bear, complete with handcuffs in his furry little paw? Yeah, that was nothing. The Todd and I hopped on last week and ordered up all the weirdest product tie-ins (tie-ins, get it? […]

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