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Organization & Balance

5 Habits Of A Clean Home

5 Habits Of A Clean Home. I’ve given up on spotless.  I miss spotless.  We were best friends. No joke, as a single person I had the most perfectly put together home in the WORLD.  I think it was an overreaction to growing up in a crowded household of 6 children.  I vowed it would ALWAYS […]

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Finance & Frugality

Debit Card Fraud–Have You Been “Skimmed?”

Debit Card Fraud–Have You Been “Skimmed?” A friend of mine just got scammed out of $11,000 because he used his debit card at a gas station that had been “skimmed.”   High-tech thieves are putting devices called “skimmers” on ATMs and gas station pumps.  It’s hard to tell, especially if you’re not paying attention.  Here’s what […]

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Body, Beauty & Soul

Family, Food & Fun

5 Great Water Games For Kids

5 Great Water Games For Kids. It’s been 2 months since Mr. Thermometer cracked 80, and the backyard hose will be constantly running until the first freeze of Fall.  My MacLeanie in particular loved water with a furious passion.  So, when the allure of our cheesy above-ground pool (my sister Jenne calls it the “White […]

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Celebrity Style & Buzz

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