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Organization & Balance

Ink Cartridge Running Low? A Sneaky Fix

Ink Cartridge Running Low?  A Sneaky Fix. Why do the ink cartridges in my printer always choose to run out just as I’m printing off my presentation, the kid’s homework, the last greeting card?   Why?  WHY?   Some things can never be answered, but it’s possible to swerve around that hatefully cheerful “ink is […]

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Finance & Frugality

Five Things You Should Always Buy Used

Five Things You Should Always Buy Used. I know, I know!  We all like opening that shiny new box or breaking the binding on a pristine new book.   But, there’s certain things that can not only be bought used, but we should buy them used.  Take a look: 1. Cars “New cars depreciate by […]

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Body, Beauty & Soul

5 Things Men Really Don’t Want For Valentine’s Day

5 Things Men Really Don’t Want For Valentine’s Day… (And The One Thing They Do)  After 21 years of Valentine’s Day gifties for The Todd, I’m exhausted. The gifts to my beloved spouse range from elaborate (flying him to Las Vegas and getting re-married by Fat Elvis at the Graceland Chapel) to uninspired (16 white […]

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Family, Food & Fun

Gnocchi Mac & Cheese

Gnocchi Mac & Cheese. My first challenge in tackling this dish was to learn how to actually pronounce gnocchi, a process that made my girlie Carol laugh until she choked. Which she totally deserved. (By the way, it sounds out as nyawk-kee.) But there’s something luscious about these little, pillowy flavors of Awesome that pair […]

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Celebrity Style & Buzz

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