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Organization & Balance


I Did Not Know That! Part Two: Handy Tips & Tricks

I Did Not Know That! Part Two: Handy Tips & Tricks. Sigh…yes, it’s me: the woman with the lightbulb over her head thinking “why did I not think of that!” But, at least someone did–and now we have Part Two of handy little ideas to make life smoother, easier, better organized…   Never buy celery […]

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Finance & Frugality

Body, Beauty & Soul

autism tears 2

The Incredible Power Of Music

The Incredible Power Of Music. I think everyone knows what music can do for you–sound is literally the only one of the body’s five senses that lights up all areas of the brain. This sweet dad took his son with autism to a Coldplay concert in Mexico City. This little dude is heavily impacted on the autism […]

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Family, Food & Fun

panini header

Welcome To The “Panini Generation”

  (PHOTO CREDIT: CHEF MICK) Welcome To The “Panini Generation” I always laugh when people tell me The Todd and I are in the “Sandwich Generation,” you know- when you’re busy caring for young children and elderly parents at the same time? I find the phrase too tame. We, my friends, are the Panini Generation. […]

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Celebrity Style & Buzz


It’s time for Free Movies In The Park!

It’s time for Free Movies In The Park! You know it’s offically summer when most major cities along the Wasatch Front kick off their Free Movies In The Park program. Major-release movies are free, there’s often vendors for food, drink and crafty-type things, and sometimes even free popcorn and kid’s activities. Remember your bug spray! […]

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