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Organization & Balance

Businessman Overwhelmed with Paperwork

5 Ways To Become LESS Busy

    5 Ways To Become LESS Busy. You know, I don’t think I have EVER heard the phrase: “I’ve got all the time in the world…nothing to do…man, this is relaxing!”  Nope.  Never heard that one. Why do we all think that being hellishly busy is something to be proud of?  I think sometimes […]

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Finance & Frugality

Body, Beauty & Soul

Family, Food & Fun

bacon and egg

Two-Bite Breakfast: Bacon & Egg Cups

  (photo credit: I’m getting big into muffin-tin and mason jar cooking because it’s just weird enough for my kids to dig cooking with me, and they’re containable.  (Editor’s note: if you have boys cooking with you, you know exactly what I mean.)  Here’s a nice little breakfast that took us less than 15 minutes […]

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Celebrity Style & Buzz


Kevin Bacon Explains The ’80’s To Millennials

Kevin Bacon Explains The ’80’s To Millennials. You are NOT  a Utahn if you don’t know Kevin Bacon, since the man put Lehi on the map with “Footloose,” and some of us remember the “Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon.” But if you don’t really know the ’80’s- it’s time for Kevin to education. Prepare to have […]

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