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Organization & Balance

crying baby

Black Friday Shopping: What To Do With The Kids

Black Friday Shopping: What To Do With The Kids. I have a long-standing policy with the twins and Zoe: I don’t drag them from store to store all day, and they don’t set the paper towel aisle on fire when my back is turned.  Kids uniformly look miserable, cry, drag on Mom’s hand and eventually […]

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Finance & Frugality


Uggs 50% Off On Zulily Today!

Uggs 50% Off On Zulily Today! It’s like Santa KNEW I’d been a good girl this year! (Hah! Even I can’t keep a straight face after saying that…) Anyway, UGGs are back on Zulily, and they’re going incredibly fast. Often, the manufacturer will restock the items, but now always. Head over there right NOW. There’s […]

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Body, Beauty & Soul


The Smokey Eye–Step By Step Directions

The Smokey Eye–Step By Step Directions. Ready to try out a new Night Face? Most of us have the standard go-to makeup look we use for every day, but there’s something about the holiday season that makes me want to sparkle a little more.     This is not something I excel in.  Frankly, I […]

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Family, Food & Fun

brussels sprouts with cranberries and pecans

Five Fresh Veggie Sides For The Turkey

Five fresh veggie sides for the turkey. While I know Thanksgiving is meant to be a frenzy of high-fat fabulousness–and I would fight for that right to my death–it is nice to throw in a couple of sides that don’t completely turn your blood into liquid butter.  Here’s five fresh sides for the turkey you may […]

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Celebrity Style & Buzz

thanksgiving dysfunction

5 Apps To Survive Your Family This Thanksgiving

5 Apps To Survive Your Family This Thanksgiving.  Oh, sure.  You love them.  We all love our family.  (Editor’s note: except for that weird guy who kept showing up every Thanksgiving and insisting we call him “Uncle Mort.”  I’ve known since I was 5 there is no brother named “Mort” on either side of the […]

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