10 Creepy, Disgusting Halloween Recipes

10 Creepy, Disgusting Halloween Recipes. When it comes to Halloween treats, the more disgusting the better.

At least, according to my twins.  If it makes your stomach churn just looking at it, they’ll eat it.  Here’s 10 delightfully disgusting Halloween recipes.

1.  (pictured above) Bloody Bandaids, graham crackers, marzipan and cherry jelly.

2.  Jello Worms: so easy–pour Jello into straws, let set and squeeze out.


3.  Eyeball Cake Pops: click here for the recipe from Ashley Russell


4.  Eyeball Martinis: because why should the kids be the only ones eating something that’s looking at them?  Click here for the recipe from Foodista.


5.  Pastry Intestines: click here for the recipe from Knead 4 Speed.


6.  Meatloaf Hand: click here for the recipe from Not Martha.


7.  Witches Fingers: click here for the recipe from John Linn.


8.  Adam’s Ribs: glurg…click here for the recipe from “Better Homes & Gardens.”


9.  Shrunken Heads In Cider: click here for the recipe from Martha Stewart.


10.  Earwax On A Swab–Marshmallow Q-tips: this one almost made me throw up a little, so the twins will be so very, very happy.  Click here for the recipe from Saucy Sprinkles.




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