10 Great New Fall Styles You’ll Find In Your Own Closet

I spent 2 grueling (ah, I mean, fun and wonderful!) days helping my girlie Chanel clear out her closet.  Chanel is a shopping fiend who never throws anything away.  I mean, anything.


I’m not trying to date her, but I will tell you that she still has 5 sweatshirts with the neckline ripped out in one of her dressers and she was not amused when I danced around her singing “Oh, what a feeeeeling!”  (If you do not understand this reference, please don’t tell me.  It will only depress me further.)


On the bright side, now that we have cleared out 30 years of fashion debris, Chanel has an amazing selection to choose from to build new Fall looks.  And the best part?  You likely have the makings of a unbelievably stylish Fall wardrobe ready to go with your basic pieces.  Take a look:

10 Great New Fall Styles You’ll Find In Your Own Closet:

fall 200

1. Long tunic style sweaters


fall 201

2. Slouchy sweatshirt material tops.


fall 202

3. Matching scarves and sweaters–like shades in lovely cashmeres, thin knits and cottons.


fall 204

4.  Leather pants.  Don’t lie to me.  None of us got rid of them.


fall 205

5.  Lace dresses and skirts, layered over tights and combined with leather.


fall 206

6.  Dolman-sleeve sweaters.  Remember when we bought 3,006 of them 3 years ago?  They’re back.


fall 207

7. Cord jeans and boyfriend cardigans.


fall 208


8.  “Schoolmarm” skirts and lace-up shoes.  Pair with tights and a simple t-shirt.



fall 209

9.  Boots and tights!  Boots and tights and boot socks!  Yay!  5 years running now!


fall 210

10.  Luxe fabrics: silk, velvet, animal print.  Be shameless.

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3 responses to “10 Great New Fall Styles You’ll Find In Your Own Closet”

  1. Patricia N says:

    No stirrup pants?? I have one pair I’m still hanging onto – if they haven’t disintegrated by now.

  2. todderinfav5admin says:

    Patricia–I feel it’s almost time for stirrup pants to make their return. I mean, the riding trouser-tights are in this year…we’re one step away!

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