20 Fat-Burning Snacks

20 Fat-Burning Snacks


You’re going to be hearing the phrase “Vision Board” a lot over the next week–everyone from Oprah to your personal trainer is nuts about this system.  A Vision Board is simply your way to express your dreams, goals and reinforcing your belief system.  This week is a bit of a down time for everyone, even at work, so it’s great for starting to think about what you really want to change in 2014.  Starting to create your Vision Board now puts you in a much more forcused position on January First.  (Editor’s note: you might want to check out “5 Ways To Make Your Resolutions Stick In 2014“, too.)


creating a vision board


I’ll be putting up some easy and pretty visuals this week, in case you find something you like for your Vision Board.  If you’re looking for a gentle detox program for this week so that you won’t shock your body trying to launch into an all-out diet on January First, take a look at the Sanity Saving Detox.

Behavior therapists tell us the best way to create success is to use small, simple life changes that lead us torwards our goal.  One of the easiest is edging in better eating.  There’s 20 fat-burning snacks listed below.  Print it off and put it up on your Vision Board for reference next time you’re feeling peckish.  Good luck!


20 Fat-Burning Snacks

20 fat burning snacks



20 fat burning snacks

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