20 Things To Start Doing To Be Happy NOW

20 Things To Start Doing To Be Happy NOW

ways to be happy now

Admit it, we all keep thinking “when life slows down I’ll concentrate more on me.”

“I’ll be happier when A, B or C happens.”

“Later on, I’ll let myself think about what I can change in my life.”


Then, later is now and we’re still in the same survival mode.  Right?  We interviewed the incandescent Julie De Azevedo Hanks, LCSW this week on the show about her new book “The Burnout Cure.”  Julie said that the huge majority of women she speaks to and counsels vent about “never feeling like they’re doing enough,” or “never feeling good enough.”  Her first suggestion to get out of this mode?  Find one thing thing that gives you happieness and do it now.  Enlist help from the spouse or babysitter or whatever to make sure you’re covered, and make it a priority.  It doesn’t have to be huge.

In fact, I compiled a list from suggestions from our listeners and found on Pinterest.  There’s some great thought-starters here.

20 Things To Start Doing To Be Happy NOW

20 things to start doing



What do you do that brings you happiness?  We’d love to hear some suggestions to add to the list.  Please leave a comment with your ideas, and we’ll give away a copy of Julie’s books at random for your answers.  Spill!  Discuss!

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