2012 Burning Man: Favorite Photos

If you missed yesterday’s post, The Todd and I traveled to Black Rock City in the middle of the Nevada desert to help our friend construct his art installation for Burning Man.  Here’s some of my favorite photos from the week…


The rangers keep watch as the Man Burns.  There was a huge scream from 60,000 throats when a big gout of flame took out the wooden pavilion.


The Monk of the Desert.  Offering beautiful Buddhist blessings to everyone who asked.

Dreamtime Circus practicing for the Burn



Sandstorm of Epic Proportions: we lived through an 8 hour sandstorm…the Playa dust is fine, like talcum powder.  I’m still washing it out of my hair.   This is my girlie Shanna.


 Kirsten cleans her mirror Art Installation.





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