$250.00 In New Coupons From General Mills

Behold the Awesome–General Mills came out with a new monthly news letter that’ll give you over $250.00 in coupons yearly, along with health and lifestyle tips.  Sign up here for the big fat coupons.

There’s a couple of other handy links I wanted to mention:

Bisquick has a monthly newsletter that’s apparently a gold mine for coupons.  Click here to order.

Kellogg’s gives you $5.00 in coupons right out of the gate for signing up for their monthly newsletter, one of my girlies getting the newletter gets BOGO free coupons for new products.  Click here to order.

Pillsbury–not to be outdone–also launched a newsletter service with $250.00 in coupons the first year alone.  Click the box below to order.




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