40 Bags In 40 Days–Decluttering A Bite At A Time


I’ve interviewed professional organizers who’ll actually suggest in cases of overwhelming clutter to simply grab trash bags and scoop everything up.   Sort through the bags later, or if you haven’t missed anything in the bag after a month or so, just throw it away.  This seems a little extreme for most of us, so I’m launching my “40 Bags In 40 Days” battle plan today.  Make your own list–use the template above if needed–and scoop away.  Make it a smaller bag if you have to, like a plastic grocery sack.  But do NOT leave the assigned spot until it’s done.



By the way–once you’re trying to organize what’s left: I LOVE this idea–shelving with brackets turned upside down.  Still pretty, still inexpensive…but you get tidy dividers at the same time.

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