5 Acutely Troubling Santa Encounters

5 Acutely Troubling Santa Encounters.

Satan Claus

Or, as my friend Stan used to say, “there’s a reason that the words Santa and Satan get mixed up so much.”

I used to think Stan was ridiculously phobic about The Jolly Old Man In Red, until I saw these pictures.  Troubling.  Acutely troubling.

1. I’m almost certain this isn’t what they meant by “naughty or nice.”

scary santa 11


2. What, seriously?  You had to reuse the Criminally Insane Clown mask from Halloween?

scary santa 13



3. I’m no expert, but this screams “I’m coming down off my meth binge and somebody better find me some more!”

scary santa12



4. “Free Candy, kids!  Free Candy!”

scary santa 14


5. Rigor Mortis Santa–at least the child seems blissfully unaware.

scary santa 15



Bonus Extra Creepy Santa:  I’m pretty sure he whispered “I’m coming to your house and stealing everything you love” right before this picture was taken.

scary santa 16


Ready for more Santa-related trauma?  Buzzfeed is on it!

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