5 Amazing Morning Beauty Time-Savers

Look, you know of all people I’m sympathetic.





Every time my alarm rings at 4am to wake me for our morning radio show, I go through the 5 Stages of Grief: you know, anger, bargaining…  Anyway, I get the pain of the alarm clock.  But one of the true beauties of radio is no one knows how truly disheveled I look in the morning, except for the deeply unfortunate Todd.  (Editor’s note: though our new boss is already talking about putting a webcam in the studio so we stream live.  Oh, please kill me NOW.)




Anyway, since I don’t have to groom, I spoke with a couple of girlfriends who anchor the early morning news.  These beautiful women are forced to be gorgeous and like…wear accessories and…you know…stuff really, really early.  Here’s their five best tips.



5 Amazing Morning Beauty Time-Savers

1.  Here’s the toughest tip: do not hit the snooze alarm.  Studies show hitting that little button for an extra 10 minutes of blessed slumber actually makes you more tired.


2.  Combine, combine, combine.  Brush your teeth while you shower.  Use coconut oil for moisturizer while you shave your legs.  And so on.


3.  Designate a place for the Day’s Outfit: clothing, accessories, shoes, tights without a run, etc.  One of my favorite girlies even stashes her makeup bag on the hanger to make it easier to grab.


4.  Stop fooling with your hair.  Take a look at this excellent list of 5 minute hairstyles.


5.  Wear eyelash extensions.  One of my girlies swears by it.  No mascara or eyeliner needed.  Upkeep is simple, half an hour for fillers once a month.


Need more ideas?  Click here for BestBeautyAdvice.com



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