5 Brilliant Parenting Tips & Tricks–Gamer Dad Version


5 Brilliant Parenting Tips & Tricks–Gamer Dad Version. So, my gamer friend Mike read the last posts on Parenting Tips & Tricks.  (Here, here and here if you missed them.)

(Editor’s note: yep, there he is, reveling in the joy of his first born at the hospital.  I know, you’re tearing up right now, aren’t you.)  So, gamer Mike is a relatively new parent and feels I’m “missing some really good ones!”


Welcome to: 5 Brilliant Parenting Tips & Tricks–Gamer Dad Version



1. Finish your frosty beverage and still push the kids on the swing by tying a rope to the swing and giving it a tug every now and then.



2. If the kids keep bugging you to “play that game!” with you, just give them a controller that’s not hooked up to the XBox.  They’ll “play” with you for hours.



3. Kid can’t sleep unless you pat his back for hours?  Fill a glove with beans or rice and slip it into the patting routine just as the kid is dozing off.



4. Let the kid have “tummy time” on your chest while you play.  Just wear a big hoodie and zip it up firmly so the kid doesn’t fall out.


5. I was supposed to have FIVE?  The four ideas here are really good.  You’re welcome.  Mike.


(Editor’s note: Mike really does love his kids.  For more parenting tips click here for Buzzfeed.com)


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