5 Clever Ways To Make Things Last Longer

Unless you really, REALLY adore throwing away perfectly good food, we’re all looking for clever ways to make things last longer. From candles to potatoes, prepare for the Awesome.

sprouting potatoes

5 Clever Ways To Make Things Last Longer:

candles in the freezer

1. Keep candles burning up to 25% longer by putting them in your freezer overnight.  The frozen wax burns more slowly.



flowers last with vodka

2. Make a bouquet of flowers last longer by adding a capful of vodka to the water.  (Note to self: remember to put flowers IN water/vodka mixture, not club soda and a straw.)

Use an olive oil bottle for your dishwashing liquid.

 3. Use an olive oil bottle for your dishwashing liquid. Only a few drops will come out at once, which will keep you from wasting product.  (Just make sure it’s clearly labeled so no one accidentally starts cooking with it!)  This is especially handy with my MacLean, who loves to create bubble baths in the sink…and the floor…and the counters…



keep lettuce longer

4. Placing a paper towel in your salad lettuce will keep it fresh for at least a week–the towel absorbs the excess moisture which makes the greens wilt.


keep potatos from budding

5. Keep potatoes from sprouting by storing them with an apple.  The apple releases a gas that slows down the sprouting process–however!  The potatoes and apple must be kept in an open, dry space when air can circulate.


Ready for more brilliant ideas, oh, thrifty soul?  Read Buzzfeed’s article here.

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