5 Fabulous Ways To Use Spray Paint

5 Fabulous Ways To Use Spray Paint



My Grandma Flora always said that “paint covers a multitude of sins.”

Clever woman–and thrifty by nature (Scottish) and necessity (my Grandfather died in WWII, leaving Grandma at home in Hurricane, Utah with six children–the youngest six months old.)  Yeah, Flora knew thrift.


But I’ve always loved the fresh beginnings that a new coat of paint seems to bring.  The blameless look of a perfect spread of color that gives you hope.  But I’ll betting there’s at least of couple of these suckers you never thought of trying before…


5 Fabulous Ways To Use Spray Paint:



1.  Painting Hardware: Doorknobs and locks are so easy to do–and if you’ve got a pile of those nasty, scratched brass ones, this is so easy.  Best way: lightly sand the knobs and hardware, then spray with two coats of a high-quality spray paint designed for metal.  (It will say so on the label.)  Let cure outdoors for 48 hours.  Make-Do way: clean hardware, dry, spray with two coats of high-quality spray paint.  Let cure outdoors for at least 24 hours.


painting light fixtures

2.  Spray-Painting Light Fixtures:  My secret weapon for updating any room–light fixtures make a room look dated faster than those glass grapes our Moms used to keep on the coffee table–but they’re the last thing anyone thinks about.  The thing I love about light fixtures is that even the fanciest ones can be disassembled easily.  For glass panels, look inside the fixture and gently bend back the little clasps.  Take off any beading or crystals.  (I keeps everything in baggies and labeled so I remember what goes where.)  Tape off all the wiring and spray with a good quality spray paint.  Let coat cure for 12 hours, spray again.  If you want an aged or antiqued look, make the first coat slightly darker, then gently rub some of the second coat off around the edges for a worn look, letting the first coat come through.  Clean all crystal and glass features, and re-apply.


repainting a frame

3.  Spray-Painting Frames: this saves you trillions of dollars in ridiculously overpriced mirrors and pictures frames.  Once you dump the dream of expensive and perfect, you’re  free to scour the thrift shops and eBay for a look you like.  I’m a big silver fan, but the color choice is yours.  Here’s the only real trick I have to offer: spray the first coat black, grey or bronze.  Then your next coat of whatever color.  Then, gently rub off some of the topcoat in the deeper grooves and cracks.  This works especially well on highly detailed frames and adds so much depth.  Hate it?  Re-spray the top coat again.  Pure and perfect.  Let cure for 24 hours before putting the glass back in.  Need the glass?  Buy a picture from from the dollar store in the size you need.  Chuck the flimsy plastic frame, use the glass.


spray painting frames

4.  Spray-Painting Stripes:  my sister Jenne is the Dark Mistress of all clever painting tricks.  It took me years to get this right.  Let’s say you’re painting a frame.  Here’s the secret:

  • Spray first with a good quality primer
  • Spray the entire thing with the base color
  • Once it is fully dried–tape off the areas and use painter’s tape!–you want to stay the base color
  • Spray the open areas with your stripe color and remove the painter’s tape while it is wet to avoid tearing the paint.
  • Let cure for 48 hours.  If you like a distressed look, use a fine grade sandpaper to lightly expose some of the base color.


spray painting pumpkins

5.  Spray-Painting Holiday Decor:  Yeah.  Pumpkins.  My favorite.  But you can do everything–perk up tired tree ornaments.  Even better, buy cheap tree ornaments and spray paint for your Halloween Tree, or Valentine’s Day Tree.  The trick is the paint.  A high-quality metallic covers anything.  And believe me, I’ve experimented.

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