5 Fall Styles That Make You Look 5 Pounds Thinner

Yay, new Fall sweaters!


I love the idea of sweaters, especially the big sloppy ones that bury you and hang down over your hips, drape down your fingers…right until I look in the mirror and I’m not sure if it’s me or my Uncle Bernaurd (a hearty, ski sweater wearing guy that says “heh!” a lot.)  I like Uncle Bernaurd, but he outweighs me by 55 pounds.

uncle bernaurd

Finally, my fashion-savvy girlie Sheila explained that anyone can wear any new style, you just have to modify it for your body type.  Sort of like this…


5 Fall Styles That Take 5 Pounds Off Your Look

1. Jean Jacket & Maxi Skirt: wear a tapered waist jean jacket and darker accessories that pull the eye up and down.  Borrowing your brother’s jean jacket will add an extra 10 pounds.


fall 70



2. Big Shirt, Leggings & Combat Boots: use a thin-knit shirt instead of a bulky flannel and use an eye-catching scarf or accessory for the neckline.




3. Sheath Dress With Belted Cardigan: I looove sheath dresses, they cover a multitude of lumps.  To whittle the waist, add a thin belt–not chunky–and a slim knit cardigan, not one of the bulky woolen ones.




4.  Animal Prints: a big ol’ black and white tiger cape or full on leopard dress makes anyone gigantic.  I don’t care.  Unless you’re Miranda Kerr, in which case we hate you.  Use the animal print accents in accessories: scarves, purses, belts and shoes.



5. Adorable Tweed Jackets: tweed jackets are more feminine-style this Fall, which makes finding a flattering cut easier.  Pair a bulkier jacket over slim fit jeans or leggings and a thin, light shirt.


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