5 Fast Fixes To Everyday Girlie Problems


5 Fast Fixes To Everyday Girlie Problems

Say what you will, our lives are more complex, my girlies.

Behold the Awesome: 5 Fast Fixes To Everyday Girlie Problems

hacks nail polish

1.  Get rid of that gross green stain or rash on your skin from cheap jewelry by painting the inside of rings or chokers with clear nail polish.  I even do this with my earrings.


hack pumice

2.  Use a pumice stone to “de-fuzz” a sweater.  Those nifty little lint rollers are great to keep your sweater looking tidy, too…


hack wine

3.  White wine neutralizes red wine stains.  Seriously.  You have a spill of Merlot on that nice white blouse?  Immediately pour some white wine on the spill and let air dry.  Everyone already thinks you’re Mrs. Drunkerson, what do you care?  That red wine stain will come right out in the wash.


hack makeup

4.  Okay, this one is made of so much Awesome that I’m almost in tears.  I’m the one who always spills her makeup all over the bathroom floor when I’m in a hurry.  Quick-glue a little magnet to each makeup item and store on a magnetic board, hang on the wall.  This also keeps the expensive MAC goods from the grasping little fingers of my 2 year old Zoe.


hack jeans

5.  Non-skinny jeans but you still want to tuck them into your boots?  Behold the easy-peasy tutorial above to make it all look tidy.


Ready for more utter genius?  Find these suggestions and oh, so many more at BuzzFeed by clicking here.


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