5 Fresh Sack Lunch Ideas

I started out this school year with the best of intentions.


I’d send the twins off to school in their cute little uniform cardigans and precious little ties, carrying a nutritious and wholesome lunch where all four food groups would be represented.  It’s been less than 2 weeks and I dumped a bunch of stuff in front of our nanny this morning on my way to work.  “Good luck!” I hollered as I scampered out the door.

Yes, I know that I suck.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to have found some new sources for sack lunch ideas–these are from the fertile minds over at 100 Days Of Real Food–all nutritious and good stuff.


Triple-decker apple & peanut butter sandwich, organic cheese stick, a homemade (and kinda squished) butterfly-shaped whole-wheat biscuit, and frozen peas & corn


Frozen smoothie pop with berries/yogurt/kale/sunflower butter, 3 mini whole-wheat pumpkin muffins, apples, and popcorn


Heart shaped peanut butter & honey sandwich (I put the scraps in the freezer to save for stuffing/croutons/breadcrumbs/etc.), fruit mix including oranges and kiwi, organic cheese stick, and Kettle brand baked potato chips


Hummus/cheese/lettuce on a whole-wheat pita (Trader Joe’s brand – only 6 ingredients), caprese salad with pesto, hard boiled egg, and a raw nut/raisin trail mix pack


I was feeling creative this day :)  Bread/fruit/cheese pinwheel kabobs, a mix of puffed brown rice cereal & sunflower seeds, and frozen peas/corn mix


Ready for another 95 ideas, along with recipes?  Click here.

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