5 Fun Things To Do With Ice

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5 Fun Things To Do With Ice.┬áSo, here in Utah we’re currently enjoying a 10-day stretch of 100+ degree weather. Which is, of course, why our air conditioner decided to immediately issue a death rattle and spew coolant into the basement. While The Todd battles the cooling coils, the kids and I have been discovering new stuff to do with ice. Interested? Of course you are…because marinating in your own sweat is the least attractive thing EVER.


5 Fun Things To Do With Ice



1. Painting With Ice: grab a couple of handy-dandy ice cube trays and your kid turns into junior Picasso. Thanks, 733blog.com!




ice cream in a bag  pin 0

2. Ice Cream In a Bag: 2 ziploc bags, 3 ingredients, your trusty ice and a kid to roll the stuff around for a while. Thanks, Growingajeweledrose!


shot glass made of ice

(photo credit: Juli)

3. DIY Shot Glasses made of ice, keeping the shot nice and chilly without diluting it. Plus, let’s face it: drinking a shot from a glass made of ice is awesome. Thanks, IntimateWeddings.com!


ice chalk 3

(photo credit: Rainbowconfetti)

4. Make Sidewalk Chalk From Ice, Reading Confetti shows you how to make fizzing chalk, rainbow chalk and more, all from ice.



(photo credit: Fun-A-Day)

5. Exploding Treasure Chests – Fun A Day shows you how to make frozen ice cubes with little “treasures” like coins and beads frozen inside. The fun part is watching the little suckers explode and foam.

5 fun things to do with ice

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