5 Great Pieces For Your Fall Wardrobe

EEEEEE!  How CUTE are these?  Five themes have emerged from Fashion Week in NYC and London–take a look and see what would make your wardrobe pop.

Combat Boots: I’ve seen all styles, some with silver tips, some with lace edging, all adorable.  There are from Steve Madden.


Coat-style Dresses.  I’m madly in love with this one–find it here.


Custom Tomsthese are from Etsy, or simply make your own with fabric paint or fabric markers.


Stacking jewelry over chunky watches–grab whatever you’ve got in the jewelry box and add ’em on…


Sweater Tights: under tunics and sweater dresses.  Keep the knit thin and pattern small if legs are heavier.  These came from American Apparel.



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