5 Hacks To Make Life (And Work!) More Productive

5 Hacks To Make Life (And Work!) More Productive


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Settling into a new company and radio station means I’m spending nearly all my time at the station, or thinking about the station, or meeting with someone about the station or making appearances for the station.  We do our best to carve out special, focused time with our offspring, but they also know Mom and Dad have to put extra time into this new beginning.

But I wanted to make sure that the time I was devoting to our new show at Rewind 100.7 (you can download our free app to listen anytime or find us streaming online as well, just a thought.  Hint…hint…hint…)  So, I talked to my clever organizing girlfriends Kellie and Sue.  They gave me the five following ideas.  Hope they work for you, too.


5 Hacks To Make Life (And Work!) More Productive

hidig the cell phone

1. Hide Mr. iPhone: yeah, I know you’re checking emails…taking calls…sure.  We’re also playing Candy Crush and re-reading the funny list about “The Top 10 Things Fish Do To Drive Us Nuts.”  I am the worst offender at this, so it’s a challenge for us all.  Set specific times every couple of hours to return texts and phone calls.  Hide your phone the rest of the time.



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2. Get ready for Monday–on Friday: most of us are thinking nothing but GETTING OUT OF THERE.  But since our new rating system has made Mondays our most important day to garner numbers, The Todd and I had to re-think our planning strategies.  I found it made Mondays something to look forward to instead of dread.  Take a half an hour on Friday to set a goal list for the first of the week and set up the resources you’ll need to make it happen.  THEN!  Leave yourself a little something nice on your desk.  A treat, flowering plant, a funny saying…anything that makes you smile when you open the door.



focused on the task

3. Work In Intense Chunks Of Time–Then Take Your Break Outdoors: some work schedules won’t allow for this, but do everything you can to train your brain to focus intensely on the task in front of you, then take yourself out of the workspace to stretch, clear your head, get a drink of water, etc.  You’ll be amazed at how much better you work–and that you’re not as tired at the end of the day.



clean workspace

4. Clear Away The Clutter: isn’t it amazing how much more we’re focused on our filthy kitchen or that sticky computer keyboard, rather than the report that’s due by lunch?  We take a moment to tidy, readjust our pens…then all of a sudden it’s 11:50 and we’re freaking out.  Take a minute at the end of each work day to clear your work space and leave your To-Do list in the center of your desk for the next day.  Same thing for home.  I kn0w how HARD this part is.  But lay out the clothes for the next day.  Get all the papers and such signed for the kids.  There’s a good list of suggestions for getting everyone in the household on the same page if you need a refresher.



herb tray

5. Your Workplace Stinks?  Sometimes literally (thank you, whoever heated up Kim Chee in the break room!) or figuratively (bad juju leaves a psychic cloud of Ick) but it stinks.  My first impulse would be to hook up a gallon of Frebreze to a bug sprayer and hose down the entire building.  But my organizing girlie Kellie pointed out Genius to me.  Herbs and essential oils are powerful mood enhancers.  But they perform an even bigger function:

  • Anxiety: lemon balm and Lavender
  • Depression: St. John’s Wort and Maca
  • Stress: licorice root and Kava Kava
  • Alertness: green tea and Rosemary
  • Focus and Concentration: Valerian (a wonderful tea, too!) Camomile and Ginseg
  • Negativity: Peppermint and Fenugreek
  • To clear nasty physical smells: Rosemary, Lavender, Basil and Mint


What are your go-to tips for productivity?  Share!

5 life hacks to be more productive at work


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