5 “Make Money At Home” Options That Really Pay

Supremely tapped out after the Back To School financial purge?


I try to update the “Make Money At Home” list every couple of months, based on feedback from you in The Todd & Erin Favorite Five community, Better Business Bureau reports, personal experience and new offers or openings.  There’s a couple that are definitely worth jumping on if you can use the money.

Here’s some important suggestions to make these programs actually pay for you:

  • Be prompt: when they send you new surveys and reviews, do them as quickly as you can
  • Be accurate: fill everything out correctly, spell check, make sure you’re paying attention.  They do track.
  • Open a PayPal account: if you don’t have one already–this makes receiving payment much faster.
  • Be patient: you’ll have to earn your dues for a couple of weeks or months–depending on the group–to show that you’re dependable.  When you do, you’ll get more higher-paying reviews and offers.

Ready to earn some money?  Here’s the 5 best programs currently taking new applicants:

Panda Research: excellent for paying $5.00 to up to $75.00 per survey.
Panda Research


Survey Spot has some of the better-quality product surveys, and you’ll often get to keep what you’re reviewing.


Vindale Research: still the best for high payouts–they’ve got some mysterious requirement for demographics, but if you get in, you’re golden!


Surveys.com works on a point system, so you can select what you want from the prize area.  If you don’t qualify for a survey, you’ll get 25 points anyway.


NCP Homescan is one of the oldest and most reputable survey companies–they’re good for bribing you with extra goodies.


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  1. JonNita says:

    Im getting a message, that the 1st two sites. Are no longer available.

    Thank you

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