5 More “I Did Not Know That!” Girlie Life Solutions

I’m still madly in love with the first “Girlie” post where we learned about magnetizing makeup to keep it tidy and visible on a board–and out of the grasping paws of my lovely 3 year old Zoe.


So, I figured that we with ovaries deserved more girlie-style life solutions.  Just for us.

5 More “I Did Not Know That!” Girlie Life Solutions:



1.  Use two fingers to fit your bras.  If you can’t fit two fingers under the band of your bra–it’s too tight.  If you can fit all five fingers–it’s too loose.


necklace tangle

2.  Your necklaces will never tangle again when packing with this simple idea: run the chain through a straw and fasten the hook.  I’ve tried it twice.  Not a tangle to be seen.


hot pack

3.  Make Your Own Homeopathic Hot Pack for aches and pains–complete instructions here.



4.  Use Your Flat Iron to flatten and press hems quickly.


turn hangers

5.  Turn Your Hangers Around: Evil Genius from my girle Caroline.  If you can’t stand to throw out clothes (you might lose weight, it might come back into style, maybe you’ll get used to how itchy it is, etc.) try this trick: every time you wear an article of clothing, when hanging it back up, turn the hanger in the opposite direction.  At the end of the year, take a good look at what you actually wear.  Then donate the rest.


Ready for more brilliant ideas from Buzzfeed?  Click here

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