5 New Fall Style Trends To Try



Sorry, my inner Scotswoman is bellowing with excitement because tartans are back for Fall…along with some other really adorable looks.  I try to link back when I can if there’s some clothing item you want to track down.  Click here for the sweaters.


5 New Fall Style Trends To Try



1. Tartans…kilts…scarves…purses…shoes…even jackets if you can find the right fit.



fall 44


2.  Comfy cardigans made slimmer with lean jeans and a slim-fit cami.




3.  Thin-knit sweaters don’t add bulk–cool details like elbow patches and pretty knit styles.





4.  Not everything has to be a neutral.  Pastels are huge for Fall paired with a stabilizer like gray or white.





5.  Layers–jacket, thin sweater, shirt, all peeking out the top of a slim-fit pair of jeans or pencil skirt.

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  1. […] source Comfy elbow patch knit sweater fashion :- Adorable grey elbow patch sweater. Comfortable for winter […]

  2. Jenna kaglea says:

    Where can I find that grey sweater with the elbow patches?! Im obsessed

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