5 Quotes To Heal A Broken Heart

5 Quotes To Heal A Broken Heart


heart breaks

Oh, I hate this part.

My group of girlies watched one of our sweetest friends fall in love with someone none of thought was good enough for her.  But that’s not our place to say.  He wasn’t like…a killer or a drug dealer or a Nigerian email scammer.  So we all smiled and tried to like him and failed. Turns out we were right.  He was a creep.  And there’s absolutely no satisfaction in being right.  I would have loved to been happily surprised that he was wonderful and that we were all fools.

Now comes the ice cream and the hand holding and letting her cry while we all feel her heart break.

Nothing is more painful.  First, because we love our friend and second, we’ve all been through this.  Everyone.  The moment when you have joyfully offered your heart on a silver platter to someone and they looked at it and said, “Eh.  It’s not enough.”  And handed it back to you.


ignore you so hard

I have always had a pretty good coping mechanism for heartbreak, though it’s impractical and probably not healthy. Seriously.  I pretend they don’t exist.

Okay, so that one doesn’t really work for everyone.  Here’s the top five broken heart quotes from wise girlfriends, relationship experts, psychologists and great writers.  Print these out and put them up on your bathroom mirror.  In your wallet.  On the refrigerator.  Read them again when the grief threatens to swamp you.  And remember that we’ve all been there with you.


look like an idio

5 Quotes To Heal A Broken Heart


1. The Upbeat & Affirmative

so much stronger



2. The Sage & Insightful

youre not worth it



3. The 5th Grader’s Advice

punch them in the face



4. The Philosopher’s Counsel

love the right one



5. You Are Unbreakable

past is a story




As a little gift from me to you–my personal “In Case Of Emergency, Break Glass” quote when you just have to Toughen. Up.  Find more on Pinterest under “You Can’t Break Me.”

happy endings






5 essential quotes to heal a broken heart


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