5 Salads That Scream “Hello, Summer!”

5 Salads That Scream “Hello, Summer!”


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5 Salads That Scream “Hello, Summer!”

I feel like a wimp, because here in the West we didn’t get stuck with that whole “Polar Vortex-No Power For A Week” thingie.  But winter was looong this year, am I right?

So now that we’re safely in to 80+ temps every day, there’s a mad dash for salad recipes and suntan lotion.  Here’s a couple of ideas that you will love, including a Kale salad that won’t make you throw up in your mouth.  (Editor’s note: I know that Kale is the new celebrity darling of the Cuisine Snobs.  But I hate it.  Everyone I know hates it but we are too embarrassed to admit it.  At least I did until this recipe.)


5 Salads That Scream “Hello, Summer!”

broccoli cashew salad

1. Broccoli-Cashew Salad: filling enough for a meal with a nice whole-grain roll.  Recipe here.



asparagus and corn salad

2. Asparagus & Corn Salad: fresh herbs and vinegar make it incredible.  Recipe here.



broccoli and bow ties

3. Broccoli & Bow Ties: pasta and parmesan for an extra bite.  Recipe here.



3 pea salad

4. Three Pea Salad With Feta & Walnuts: recipe here.



kale and apple salad

5. Kale & Apple Salad: with a dash of Pecorino cheese and lemon juice.  Recipe here.



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