5 Signs That Someone Is Lying To You

I suck at this.  Lying.

liar (1)

It’s my mother’s fault.  She’d ask me what time I’d come in the night before.

“Was it before your curfew?”

“Yes…uh…at 10:30.” I’d stammer in a voice so high-pitched it was understandable only to bees.

Mary Helen would wait me out until I crumbled and asked how long I was going to be grounded.


Most liars are better at it, and even then, there’s lots of little signs.  Here’s an excellent list from “Real Simple.”  Follow along, won’t you?


5 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You:


1. Voice or Demeanor Changes Radically: if they’re usually a fast, animated talker they might slow down, as if finding the words to use.  If the person usually uses hand gestures and instead folds their arms and closes up, they’re struggling with the truth.



2. The Person Avoids Saying “I”: interestingly when lying people will try to separate themselves from the lie by using the third person, like “this girl really loves to ski!” or shortens speech “really love the Lakers.”  (Editor’s note: okay, that one was easy.  Nobody likes the Lakers.)



3. The Person Has An Answer For Everything: think about it–if someone asks you what you did last weekend, you mentally sift through what’s interesting enough or something that’s not too personal to share.  Liars always have an answer for everything--well-rehearsed, confident, instant.



4. The Person Fusses & Fidgets:  this is especially true when someone is lying to a person they love.  Taking off their glasses and cleaning them repeatedly, shifting and around in the chair, folding and unfolding their arms.



5. A Person Proclaims Their Honesty Repeatedly: phrases like “I swear to God!” or “I really mean this!”  or “on my honor!” keep popping up a lot, as if the liar is trying to really get you into buying what they’re trying to invent.


Learn more brilliant facts of human nature from “Real Simple” by clicking here.

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