5 Simple Goals For Your Happiest Summer Ever

5 Simple Goals For Your Happiest Summer Ever


I have a girlie who’s been making huge strides as a life coach–and one of the reasons why is her dedication to research.  I mean, the woman spouts off statistics like I spout off ice cream flavors.  But Charlene just gave me a fascinating study that asked 15,000 women–ages 18-54–what they really needed to make this year have meaning.  All those numbers, all those algorithmns?  It boiled down to: “I want to be happy, and I don’t know how.”

Oh!  That’s SO not right!

Charlene gave me some more data and I boiled it down to 5 key points.  Take a look at these and add the ones you’re lacking to your Vision Board or Goals List.  This will be our Happiest Summer Ever.

5 Simple Goals For Your Happiest Summer Ever



1. Daily Exercise: it’s doesn’t have to be an all-out sweatfest.  But research shows if you can weasel in 12 minutes of heart elevating activity–just 12 minutes!–your body release endorphins: the pleasure hormones that make your body remember how much it likes to be active.




2. Cultivate Gratitude: the easiest way to become happier is to be grateful for what you have.  Even in my worst moments (hello, 2013!) there was so much to be grateful for.  Keep a journal and flip back if it’s hard to think of something.




3. Get Enough Sleep: I know in today’s world it’s a badge of pride to be able to function on the least possible amount of sleep.  It’s also aging, damaging and emotionally draining.  Not convinced?  According to this study, making a whopping $60,000 a year EXTRA was not as impactful on the level of personal happiness as one extra hour of sleep a night.  Seriously!!



happy fingers

4. Happy Friends: we’ve all read about the impact of toxic friends.  I’m guessing you’re the really nice one who doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings…wants everyone to be happy…blah blah blah.  This summer you’re putting yourself first and surrounding yourself with cheerful and supportive people.  There’s great ideas how finding these people here.




5. Focus On The NOW: this is my biggest weakness.  My mind’s racing ahead to the next appointment I’m dragging the kids to…thinking about how hot Norman Reedus looks with that crossbow in “Walking Dead”…wondering if I’ll ever find a sugar-free cupcake…  Fantasy and imagination is important, but happiness is directly related to being focused on the moment at hand–especially if it involves interaction with others.



MoodChart1 (1)

Extra Bonus Idea: I still believe that Vision Boards, Gratitude Journals and Charting can really help you track what’s going on inside that head of yours.  They don’t have to be legnthy or fancy, but there is a free, downloadable mood chart that I like–you can track sleep, medication, interactions–everything that can impact your mood.  Good luck!  This is our Happy Summer!



5 simple goals for your happiest summer

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