5 Slimming Date Night Outfits

5 Slimming Date Night Outfits. Yeah, around Chez Collard, it’s called “The Big Shave Night.”  Yep.  I don’t just do the perfunctory shave to the knee.  I shave to mid-thigh. And put on lotion.  If The Todd is really lucky I might even pull off painting my toenails.  I know, I’m a romantic.  But seriously, Date Night is such a rare and sacred thing that if you really get the babysitter and the spouse to agree, make it worth your while!

5 cute date night looks

There’s five adorable looks out right now that are wonderfully slimming without having you spend the entire night miserably trying to tug your skirt back down.  Take a look…


5 Slimming Date Night Outfits

date night

1. Lace tops paired with slimming black pants and high heels to make your legs look a mile long.



date night 1

2. Babydoll dresses are back–BUT, paired with neutral tights and a nice jacket to smooth out any bumps and keep you from looking like Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?”

baby jane



date night 2

3. Lace skirts smooth over lumps and bumps, and platform heels do that long leg look thingie.



date night 3

4. Sick of neutrals?  Go for one of the new billowy sateen skirts in a nice jewel tone, then simmer down with a simple shirt.



date night 4

5. The new cardigans are gloriously forgiving of a lack of waistline or small tummy.  This one ties just under the bust in an empire-style.  Pair with a Statement Necklace and you can still get away with wearing jeans!


date night 3

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6 responses to “5 Slimming Date Night Outfits”

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  2. Sarah W. says:

    Please do you have the info for the lace top with the circular pattern?

  3. Joey says:

    I LOVE the lace shirt in the first picture of the 5 slimming date night outfits. Where can I find that shirt to buy??

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