5 Slimming Fall Styles To Love

5 Slimming Fall Styles To Love

Cold weather fashion doesn’t need to be synonymous with bulky.


Thank the Good Lord–since “bulky” makes me look like one of those blow-up floats in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  Take a look at some of these new looks for Fall–all pretty, and all slimming!


5 Slimming Fall Styles To Love:



fall 20


1. Black and denim mixtures are everywhere.




2.  Rugged, worn-in leather, vintage timepiece jewelry, thin sweater combinations




3.  Menswear plaid shirts.  Over everything.  Tied, belted, tucked in, worn loose.  




4.  Asymmetrical hoodies, sweaters and jackets worn with leggings and boots.  The lines crossing over the chest create a gorgeous slimming silhouette.




5.  English riding looks with big costume jewelry.  Strong focal points around the neck draw attention upwards and away from trouble spots.

5 slimming fall styles

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2 responses to “5 Slimming Fall Styles To Love”

  1. wendy gowen says:

    Where do I buy these outfits? love them all!

  2. I sourced most of these photos from Topshop–the UK clothing store. I’d start there. Good luck!

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