5 Things Always Worth Making Time For

5 Things Always Worth Making Time For


5 Things Always Worth Making Time For

I know just how insanely busy life is for all of us.  But there’s five things–small things–to make time for every day.  These five simple changes have a powerful effect on health, happiness–even longevity.

5 Things Always Worth Making Time For

making the bed

1.  Make Your Bed.  This is the hardest one for me, ironically.  Since we’re up around 4:30am for our morning radio show, leaving the bed rumpled means it’s just sitting there, waiting for me to crawl back in for a nap that afternoon.  But pulling the covers straight and fluffing the pillows is your first accomplishment for the day.  It sets you up for a successful day.  And get this: according to a happiness survery, 71% of bed-makers describe themselves as happy, vs. 62% of those who leave the covers askew.




2.  Moisturize.  Even oily skin benefits from a toner and then a light moisturizer.  It’s the one thing my stylist girlie Marabella nags me about relentlessly.  No matter what the skin type, she warns that wrinkles develop twice as fast with un-moisturized skin.  Use one in the morning with SPF and you’re already multitasking.



compliment someone

3.  Offer A Sincere Compliment.  Like your co-worker’s sweater?  Tell her!  Offering a sincere appreciation for another person not only brightens their day, it brings joy to yours.  The act of a sincere compliment trains your brain to look for other positive attributes in the day around you.



drink water

4.  Drink Water.  Then, Drink Some More.  Seriously, you can never drink too much.  Dehydration–even a slight drop–lowers your ability to concentrate and think clearly.  Aside from improving your skin and health, you can also inprove your work and fitness performance by consciously remembering to drink more often.



no cell phone zone

5.  Unplug Your Phone For 30 Minutes A Day.  This one is incredibly hard for me, since I rely on the data that comes in about our multiple social media platforms, radio show, blogging and trending info.  But let’s be honest.  You cannot truly be present while nodding at someone’s conversation while you’re flicking through your texts.  Make a commitment to at least 30 minutes of “No Phone Time” every day.  Dinnertime is a good option for most of us.

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