5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your 24 Hours

5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your 24 Hours

I know we’re all given the same 24 hours in the day, but I’ve never understood how some people got so much more out of theirs than I did out of mine. After tracking through my day, hour by hour on my iPhone, I sat back and reviewed. I waste just utterly ridiculous amounts of time…and here’s the 5 elements I’m putting into place to help me. Let me know if they work for you, too.



5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your 24 Hours


chores involve the family

1. Involve (And Expect Help From) The Kids.  Really, even the most sullen teenager is not immune to the concept that “we are ALL in this together.”  Helping our twins and toddler Zoe realize the success of the new Collard venture fell to all of us was such a great start.  Everyone took their chores seriously, family meetings took on a new signifigance as everyone got their assignments for the week.



2. Get Up Early.  I’m sorry.  I’m a night person, so I know what I’m asking here.  Getting up at 4am for our morning radio show has never, ever gotten any easier.  But forcing myself to set the alarm clock for 5:30am even when we were out of work gave me 60 golden minutes of planning, clearing, blogging and the like.  Instead of being bleary and cranky while driving the twins to school, we all had a better start.  It’s true.  You get more done in the first hour of your day than the next 16.



3. Keep A Visual Schedule.  Everyone’s system is a little different, but this one is crucial.  I will intantly forget anything that isn’t written down and staring at me accusingly.  Maybe you need a big chalkboard in the kitchen, a spiffy Google calendar on your iPad, or a checklist on your cellphone.  The sheer satisfaction of checking things off the “To-Do” list can not be underestimated.  I update my schedule every night for the next day with appointments, medicine refills, dance classes, phones call to be made and the like.  Even the cleaning schedule is there so my plants don’t die and things don’t fester in the boy’s bathroom.  (Editor’s note: shudder.  Teenage boys are disgusting and repellant.  I love mine.  But they are disgusting.)


No more

4. Set Boundaries & Learn To Say “No.”  Man, do I suck at this.  I want everyone to like me so I tended to blurt “Sure!  No problem!” everytime I was asked to do something.  It took me a while to realize that people really, really don’t like you when you forget meetings and fall through on obligations.  If you have the gene that makes it impossible to refuse anyone, learn “no, but–”

“No, I can’t bake 3,226 cookies for the school bake sale.  But I can buy 2 dozen mini cupcakes at the store and send them to school with my kiddo.”

“No, I can’t sit on the board of your XYZ Charity, but I’ll be happy to help with one fundraiser a year.”

So.  Much. Better.


getting the most out of your 24 hours

5.  Find The Stopwatch On Your Phone Or Invest In A Kitchen Timer.  There’s always those  things we have to do.  Clean the toilet.  Sort the mail.  Do the duty call to the in-law.  Set the timer and blaze through the task.  Knowing you have a concrete end in sight makes it so much easier to get started.  My girlie Sandra has a very delicate relationship with her mother-in-law. She knows Miss Delores likes it when she calls every week, but Sandra dreads the hour long litany of complaints.  So she sets the timer for 15 minutes and calls Miss D with the greeting of: “I only have 15 minutes Mom, but I really wanted to check in.  How are you?”

What tips and tricks help you squeeze more into your 24 hours?  Discuss!  Share!

getting the most out of your 24 hours


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