5 Tips For Getting More Done Every Single Day


getting more done each day

5 Tips For Getting More Done Every Single Day.

There’s never enough time in the day.

Seriously, let’s admit it.  Have you ever once gone to sleep thinking “at last, everything is checked off my To-Do List”?

Not me.

There’s a great post from Living Well, Spending Less that offers some logical ideas to squeeze in more without feeling overwhelmed.  You can read the entire post here.


5 Tips For Getting More Done Every Single Day

1.  Set your priorities.

Write down what’s most important to you the night before.  Leave it out to see first thing in the morning.

2.  Set the timer.

Nothing’s changed since college.  I still need a deadline to get anything done in a decisive fashion.  I set the timer for housecleaning, paying bills, packing lunches, etc.

3.  Set small weekly goals.

Make sure you’re giving yourself a chance to succeed: make your weekly goals small and achievable.  There’s nothing like the intense satisfaction of meeting a goal.  I usually try to set four:

1. Family

2. Organization

3. Personal Sanity

4. Radio Show Development

4.  Use a planner and checklist.

I’m a visual learner, like my kiddos.  Google calendar and my daily to-do list are imperative.  Maybe you just need your reminders on your phone.  Use something that helps you keep on track.

5.  Involve your kids.

Yes.  It will take longer.  Oh, so much longer.  But I finally realized I was getting irritated at my kids for “getting in my way” when I was trying to race through tasks.  They weren’t “getting in the way.”  They were trying to be involved.  These are crucial life skills that our little people need to learn…and they feel just as much satisfaction and self-esteem from meeting their goals, too.

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