5 Tricks For Perking Up Tired Eyes

5 Tricks For Perking Up Tired Eyes


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I always had this vision as a teenager that these beauty articles about “Concealing Tired Eyes” would be needed after my long night of champange and dancing in order to be ready for another busy day of looking fabulous.

In actuality, I begged my girlie Alaria–who works as a Stylist To The Beautiful People–to give me some pointers.  (Editor’s note: instead of those champange-filled nights, I have found I need the tips instead for the mornings after I’ve been up all night with a wheezing, coughing toddler and if I don’t smear something over these seething blisters I call eyes, people at the station are going to recoil when I walk into the studio with a gasp of “what happened to you!”)  So here we go…


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5 Tricks For Perking Up Tired Eyes

1. Use a concealer with added caffeine.  Caffeine shrinks the blood vessels that dialate and cause the swelling and redness around the eyes.

2. Create a well-defined brow.  Draw attention upwards with a little more brow pencil for a bolder brow.  Then add a light shimmering shade along the bone of the brow.

3. Line the eyes with white eyeliner.  CAREFULLY line your lids on the inside of the lash line.  I say carefully because I nearly took my left eye out one morning when I wasn’t paying attention.

4. Use a darker line of eyeliner on the upper lid.  Still blend well, but a more defined line lifts the eye.  Adding more mascara or eyeliner to the lower lid does the opposite.

5. Dab a shimmering eye shadow on the inner corners of your upper eyelid.  The eye shadow reflects light and makes your eyes look brighter.  Pinks, taupes and white work really well.

Now, you are beautiful!  Many thanks to the gorgeous Alaria Johnson for makeup tips.

up all night  5 tricks for perking up tired eyes

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