A Week’s Worth Of Healthy Snacks–Ready To Go

A Week’s Worth Of Healthy Snacks–Ready To Go. One of the biggest curses to my never-ending diet is the 4 o’clock slump. Even if I’m not desperately burrowing in the fridge like a sloth, the twins are (after a ravenous afternoon of creating havoc and mayhem.)  So even if I can control myself, watching them plow through another bag of pretzels does me in.

4 oclock slump

Behold!  An idea so embarrassingly obvious that I’m almost reluctant to post it.  But maybe the idea will help you, too.

A week’s worth of healthy snacks, all pre-packaged, all neatly stacked in a box in the fridge where everyone can reach them.  The beauty of pre-packaging is calorie determination and portion size.  It’s obviously more expensive to buy all the convenient pre-packaged foods.  I do it because I have (SLIGHTLY)  more time than money.  If you can take an extra hour at the start of the week to slice, dice and grab some baggies, so much the better.

photo credit: Interiors Designed.com

Ideas For Food Portions For 100 Calories Or Less:

  • Low Carb
  • string cheese, sharp cheddar
  • olives & baked garlic
  • pepperoni and chicken slices
  • raw almonds, brazil nuts, pistachios
  • kale chips
  • hard boiled eggs


  • Kid Friendly
  • apple, pear and orange slices
  • veggie packs with attached dips
  • pretzel & popcorn packs
  • fruit rollups
  • hummus and low-fat tortilla chips
  • grape clusters and string cheese
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