So, hey…I’m Erin, and I’ve been part of the “Todd and Erin Morning Show” on morning radio here in Salt Lake City for over 17 years.  This site grew out of the needs of our listening community, who were desperate for ways to get more out of a dollar.  But along with bargains and free family activities, I found from all of you who joined the “That Went Well” community (the first incarnation of this site) that you wanted more.  There’s half a gazillion gigabytes of information rushing at us every time we open our eyes.  What’s relevant?  What’s important?  How much can you absorb before your brain start leaking out of your ears?

The Todd & Erin Favorite Five will give you five really excellent bits of useful information every day to keep you current with the world and make your life a little easier.  More affordable.  More entertaining.  I’ve never met a living soul that didn’t want to feel current–relevant.  If that’s you, too: welcome!  Join the community.  Contribute.  You’ll find lots of friends here.

PS:  The Todd and I are the proud (and profoundly exhausted) parents of delightful 16 year old twin boys named Zachary and MacLean, and an incandescently beautiful 5 year old named Zoe.  And an emotionally needy Portuguese Waterdog named Gille.  I’ve never eaten a birthday cake I didn’t like, and I adore snakes and Zombies.  The picture above was my attempt to overcome my paralyzing fear of clowns via exposure therapy at a recent Comic Con.  I’m here to tell you exposure therapy stinks.  And every time I see this picture I still want to throw up on their big red shoes.

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