Activist Moms–You Need To Read This. It’s Important.

Just spent a nauseating 15 minutes watching Anderson Cooper on CNN interview a legislator about the Judge Rotenburg Educational Center in Massachusetts, where they apply skin shocks to students with Autism as an “adversive.” There is an extremely painful video to watch if you can take it by clicking here–this young man was shocked 30 TIMES over a 7 hour period. What was his offense? He refused to take his coat off in class. If after watching this story you would like to contribute your voice to the horror so many of us feel, click here to leave a comment on what Massachusett State Legislators are calling the “House of Horrors” website.  Their phone number–if you would like to leave a comment–is 781.828.2202.
The cruelty of adminstering shocks to children who can’t speak for themselves is so unimaginable that I can’t even express the grief and fury I felt after watching this. This IS happening…unless we all speak up and demand an end to brutalising the most vulnerable in our population.
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3 responses to “Activist Moms–You Need To Read This. It’s Important.”

  1. Ellen C. says:

    I use to work for them and I can personally say at first it sounded like a good idea because some of the patients I dealt with would self harm so the shock would stop them in their tracks but some of the rules seemed to go to far. Thinking back now it really does seem like an archeic system.

  2. lise dill says:

    i worked for the behavior research institute in Cranston RI 20 yrs ago. They did the same thing. Dr Isreals idea was shoc behaviorism to make them stop pinching themselves, or spitting or hitting or any adverse behavior not deemed ‘acceptable’. He used hot sauce , restraints…we also used a reward system when they did things correctly. We praised them but the brutality of what we were told to do seems insane to me as a mom.

  3. Erin says:

    Thank you both for being open about what happened. In this century, we have far more sophisticated medications, behavior modification, and innovations in cognitive development that not only make torturing a child not only pointless but actively evil.

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