Asking The Tough Questions: Decluttering

Other than professional Hoarders, I’ve never spoken with anyone who didn’t want to get rid of all the crap clogging up their homes and their lives.


The problem is when all the little concerns creep in.  “Oh, I’ll use that…someday.”

“My Mom gave that to me!  How could I let that go?”

“You never know when bell bottoms will come back in style…”

Asking the hard questions can be tough, especially when you don’t even know what to ask.  So from a wonderful professional organizer at, here’s a list.  Ask yourself these questions when you’re trapped by indecision.

Asking The Tough Questions: Decluttering


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  1. […] working with physics here.  Too much stuff=no room.  If you’re paralyzed by this effort, click over here for an excellent list to help you pare down […]

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