Back To School: 30 Days Of Lunchbox Ideas

Yeah…the first week of school?  I’m gonna be Uber Mom.


best mom


The twins will have these killer lunchbox meals with all the food groups represented…a cute little note or picture…and all home made, of course.

Now, by the second week…

packing school lunch

Everyone needs help and inspiration when it comes to brown-bagging it.  And so many more of my son’s classmates are bringing lunch from home these days.  With so many more dietary needs and restrictions, it just makes more sense.  Here’s some of the basics:

  • Lunchtime is not usually the best for trying new foods–they’re hungry, they’re distracted–maybe your kiddo doesn’t want to discover he likes octopus in front of his friends.
  • Peanut free!  I don’t know a single school along the Wasatch Front that isn’t nut-free.  Get used to the “no-nut” filter.  You really want one of your kid’s friends to find out she’s lethally allergic to peanuts by sharing your kiddo’s lunch?
  • Notes from home: these don’t have to take forever to write.  If you didn’t see my post on “Auntie Jen’s Lunchtime Notes,” click here.  Wonderful ideas!

back to school lunch ideas

There’s an entire list of 30 days worth of lunchbox meals by clicking here for Peanut Blossom’s excellent blog.  Take a look and get some inspiration…or just do what I did and copy the whole thing off.  There.  September is done.

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3 responses to “Back To School: 30 Days Of Lunchbox Ideas”

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  2. Martha says:

    Hi! Thanks for the lunchtime inspiration. We are in Louisiana and have not been asked to go nut-free yet. Frankly I’m surprised. I try to send nut-free lunches most of the time. We run out of ideas sometimes as vegetarians, though.
    I’m interested in the lunch container you use. I struggle to find a good container that fits in our lunch box/bag with an ice pack.

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