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Bear Necessities–a rare post from The Todd!

So, my friend says, “come up to Wyoming and join us for the Elk Bow Hunt!”  (Editor’s note: because I can cook.)  That part of Wyoming is Bear Country…and I recently sold my SWEET 1968 jet trailer.  My little truck doesn’t have a camper shell, and I really don’t want to sleep on the ground.  So…here is my challenge.

After picking up 3 sheets of 3/8 plywood (you’ll want the thin stuff for weight, so that one person can set it up and take it apart) some furring strips, and glue screws, I came up with the modular camper shell.  Because of it’s light-weight construction and modular design, I chose not to drive with it already assembled.  Instead, I packed the back, and then put the parts flat over the rest of the best and strapped it down.  In addition, I put a tarp over the entire thing for extra water-proofing.

blog shot camper

Now, I KNOW it looks like a doghouse, but it worked great!  Plus, it breaks down neatly and stores against the wall in the garage.  A used camp shell would cost around $250.00–that is, if you can find one, and if you have the room to store it.

blog shot camper 2

Back to my “dog house.”  I had some hinges in my treasure chest of junk, along with some exterior paint, and ta-da!  I’m bear-resistant.  NOT bear proof.  My wife Erin cynically calls it “the crunchy outer coating before the bear gets to the chewy center.”  (I’m the “chewy center.”)  I guess the life insurance is paid up again.

Anyway, for about $60.00, I put it together in a weekend, and it worked perfectly.  Give it a try…and remember, bear-RESISTANT.


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One response to “Bear Necessities–a rare post from The Todd!”

  1. Heather says:

    Bear-resis-TENT. Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

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