Beyond The Rack–80% Off Designer Clothes!

I still remember being dragged through the mall with my sister, the relentless bargain hunter who would scour every rack in every store in the Universe for the 80% off tags.

Turns out, you can do that from the comfort of your armchair these days.  (Editor’s note: this really cuts down on the injuries suffered from 50 pound purses smacked into your back or elbow jabs to your ribs when you reach for the same 75% off scarf as Crazy Bargain Lady.)

It’s called Beyond The Rack, and they profile different designers every day and offer clothes, accessories and home goods for up to 80% off.  It’s free to sign up–just click here to get started.

For instance, today I found the following:

Air Jordan by Nike Shoes for men: usually $160.00, priced here $96.99


Diesel Jeans for women: usually $210.00, price here for $99.99.


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