Chef Fatigue? New & Free Cookbooks!

Since I’ve taken over cooking every night I’ve been finding the big challenge is trying to lure my twins into eating something other than rice noodles and spagetti sauce.  They’re on a gluten-free diet, which means we’re all on a gluten-free diet.

My mother–the famous Mary Helen–is a clinical nutritionist who says the best way to expand the diet is with gradual introduction of new items.  The new food should show up first in the meal when the kids (and me) are hungriest.

So, now I’m faced with finding 5-6 new items a week.

I went on a free cookbook hunt and came up with a pile of good ones.  Sort among them and click on what looks good to you.  Bon appetit!


Chicken Casseroles: raw chicken has been known to make me weep.  Anything that makes it look or taste better is all good with me.


Macaroni and Cheese: variations on this tried and true favorite are always welcome:


16 Name-Brand Recipes: have a hankering for Eggo Waffles?  There’s a pile of name-brand food items you can make at home for less–and you’ll never know the difference.


Low Calorie? Sometimes the hardest section to find something palatable. Try these:

Death By Chocolate: but oh, what a way to die…

Easy Weeknight Dinners: when time counts and blood sugar is dropping.

Cheese. My Achilles heel.


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