ch2People Magazine has spoken. Chris Hemsworth Is The “Sexiest Man Alive” Who’s Gonna Argue?

The magazine announced Chris Hemsworth is this year’s “Sexiest Man Alive” last night. I for one, have no problem with this decision. What are they FEEDING these guys in Australia? And can we bottle it? The man is heart-stoppingly beautiful, and even better, really adores this wife and baby.  Is there anything hotter than a good-looking guy holding a baby? When we interviewed Chris a couple of years ago for “Thor,” he was just charming, funny…and completely impossible to hear under my shrill and uncontrollable giggling. Sigh…that was a fun one to edit.




Um…what were we talking about?




Anyway, everyone has their personal favorites.  If it were up to me, Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead) would own the People Magazine cover.  Like, for life.



chris pratt

Then, there’s Chris Pratt.  (Not chubby, anxious Chris Pratt from “Parks and Recreation.”  Six-pack Chris Pratt from “Guardians Of The Galaxy.”)  Never mind.  Chris Pratt at any weight, please.



Tom hids

What about Tom Hiddleston?  Hello?  Could anyone else make that mullet wig he wore as Loki look that good?

So, who do you think People Magazine missed?  And no saying “your husband” because that just makes the rest of us look bad.