Collard House Tour Of Terror


Collard House Tour Of Terror. I’ll be honest- Halloween is hands-down my favorite holiday. Christmas? Yeeech. Valentine’s Day? Too much pressure. But Halloween- oooo, all the best things! You get to dress up, decorate the house, eat boatloads of candy and you don’t have to shop for anyone! No meaningless gifts like potpourri or another scarf? Seriously!

Entryway: The Todd likes to call this “funeral parlor chic, which is likely close to the truth.

Living Room: Jack and his Bride lord over the room, we hang the kid’s stockings on the fireplace mantel for Jack Skellington to fill with treats on his annual haunt. The Halloween Tree is my favorite this year- we found the perfect dead branches on our last camping trip. Just use a quick mix cement for the bucket and drape with old vines, ornaments and lights. We used sagebrush branches at the botton to fill it out a little more.

Kitchen: Zoe helped me created our “Witchy Laboratory,” filled with all kinds potions and goopy stuff.

Dining Room: Carter Reid’s the lunatic behind the graphic novel “Zombie Nation” and he’ll “zombie-fy” you for a truly unique Halloween portrait. Ours hangs proudly over the fireplace. You can reach him here.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms: I decorate EVERYTHING, and I noticed The Todd dodn’t shoot those. So there will be a Tour of Terror Part Two, where you want to watch it or not.

So, decorating at Chez Collard reaches a fever pitch around October. Here’s the Collard House Tour of Terror for 2016…

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