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The Dreaded Disclosure Policy:


Here at The Todd & Erin Favorite Five, we’d like you to know that ads you see in the far right column and the bottom of the page are probably ads that are placed here by affiliate services who assist us by placing clients who may pay us a miniscule sum (trust me on the miniscule part) if you click through and buy something. Occasionally, posts in our main column may also earn us a few cents if you click through and buy something. I will add a dollar sign if this is the case. (Ahem.  This is what a dollar sign looks like: $)



This is the important part: The Todd and I have worked in radio for over 20 years. Our relationship with our community is everything to us. We have never taken clients that we felt were unethical or not in your best interests. We thought your trust was more important than a quick buck. ”The Todd & Erin Favorite Five” follows those same core values and beliefs.

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