Cooking With Herbs 101

Cooking With Herbs 101

Our favorite comedian Eddie Izzard insists on pronouncing “herbs” as “Heerrrbs! Because it’s got a bloody H in it!” The British think they know everything. Hmph! But however you wish to pronounce the word, herbs are a wonderful “go-to” source for flavoring foods to make them actually taste like…well…anything other than mac and cheese. There’s herbs for a flavor so rich you don’t need butter. Certain lovely plants that make dessert sweet without a boatload of sugar. Even handy little guys to make into a tea that’ll knock the most hateful cold out of your lungs.

If you’re a bit of a newbie to the pleasures of herbs, here’s a beautiful guide to tell you what to cook, how to cook it, even what tastes better fresh or dried.

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