Could You Drink Something Called “Unicorn Tears?”

Could you drink something called “Unicorn Tears?” The key ingredient is “edible glitter.” Erin will tell you that ‘glitter is the herpes of craft supplies,’ and this drink is living proof. We address this issue today on the Todd and Erin Morning Stream.
How do you nicely tell someone they stink? The Todd’s deodorant suddenly stopped working. Like everyone else with a health issue, we turned to our qualified physician….just kidding! We posted the question to Facebook. The answers are chilling.
Remember your last juice cleanse? After 18 days on one, I was ready to knock over a KFC. But what about souping? The weight’s falling off like crazy for soup fanatics. Oh, and fashion- do you like the whole ripped ‘more holes than denim’ thing? There’s a new trend for jeans including the whole “high waist mom jean” thing that includes plastic.

I fell in love with Zydeco music ten years ago, and my gateway drug was Terrence Simian, who’s bringing his wonderful style in concert to the Egyptian Theatre in Park City this weekend!
Warner Brothers is rebooting The Matrix series! But who’s not coming back? We’ve got the news on today’s Morning Stream.
Photo credit: Dapper Coffee

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