Coupons for Handy & Tasty Things

No specific theme here–I found a bunch of really good coupons and wanted to share…

Click above for a coupon for a free Queso and Chips entree from Chili’s

They renewed the Famous Footwear coupon!  Click above 15% off your total purchase.

Click above for a coupon for BOGO free “Click and Stay” devices for a mere $10.00 and free shipping.

HP has a newsletter club with piles of special offers, first grab on sales, coupons and free shipping.

Click above for a coupon for a big fat Jamba Juice for a mere $2.00.

The new Nutty Delights are yummy–click above for a coupon.
Quality Health
The new Fall freebies are out–I just got mine in the mail–vitamin water, protein bars, toothpaste, dog food, lotion and baby formula.  Click above to get yours.


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