Creating Your Own Boot Socks

I try very hard in most areas of my life to be frugal, to not collect, to not overspend.  Um…except for when it comes to boots.  I have a love of boots so filthy that all it takes is one alluring picture of a new and exciting pair, and I’m online like a super-shopping zombie, numbly repeating my credit card number.  Boot socks have become really popular this season.  Given that Utah winters are as long and horribly cold as the one that made the settlers eat each other on Donner’s Pass, I wanted to stock up on some nice wooly socks to go with my 3,002 pair of boots.

I have managed to assuage some of my boot-buying guilt by buying old sweaters at the Salvation Army Thrift Store to create the socks.  Here’s a step by step guide to creating your own long-legged fabulousness.

I bought a pile of the chunkier knit sweaters–but you’ll be shocked at how many cheap cashmere and merino wool sweaters you can pick up for a leaner silhouette. 





You’ll want to…

Adding your own adorable embellishments is the fun part, I’m big on buttons and lace that keep the book socks tight around my thighs.

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2 responses to “Creating Your Own Boot Socks”

  1. laura k says:

    OMG that is the most adorable (and price savvy) thing I’ve ever seen… are a genius!

  2. Awesome idea! These are so cute and it is perfect for several people on my Christmas list. Thank you for sharing.

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