Creating Your Own Mudroom




Creating Your Own Mudroom. I always get misty when I flip through a magazine and see one of those adorable mudrooms, with spaces for each kid, room for boots, etc.  Such organization!

If you already have an adorable mudroom, I am happy for you.  Go read the next post.  For the rest of us with no room and a limited budget, there’s some terribly clever options.

Creating Your Own Mudroom


Revamped Entry Closet

I love this idea–take the closet doors off the cloest in your entryway and create a space there.  Most will initally reject this idea, since that is the closet most of us use to throw everything in to and shut the door.  But with well-placed hooks and seating, it will look tidy and actually be useful.  For more info on this design, click here.


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Building Locker Storage

These don’t have to be hideous – and some are so non-bulky and unobtrusive that you could get away with putting them by the kitchen door. Find some plans and different dimensions to fit your kitchen here.



Outdoor Crate Bench

This is genius – because if there’s no room inside, at least getting wet and muddy stuff off just outside the door where all the gear gets a chance to dry out is just as good. This plan uses old crates to make storage and a bench to sit on. Click here to take a look.



Repurposing Vintage Doors

Beautiful, handy, AND with the added bonus of smug moral superiority for reusing old materials. Heck, you might even get into Heaven at this rate… Click here for the steps.



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