Crocs, Melissa & Doug Toys Up To 70% Off!

Crocs, Melissa & Doug Toys Up To 70% Off! Behold the Awesome of Zulily, who came out with some excellent new goodies today – take a look:



$14.99 down from $40.00                                        $39.99 down from $65.00

Crocs: My feet are gigantic, so I’d look like a clown trying to wear these little foamy fellas, but my kids love them. We wait every year for them to hit Zulily for up to 70% off! There’s styles for kids and adult here – Click here to take a look.



$51.00 down from $70.00                                  $62.99 down from $100.00

Melissa & Doug’s toys are strong, well-made wooden toys that are often a little out of my price range – but they’re 30% off this week. Click here.



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