Decorating On A Budget: 5 Great Places To Shop

Decorating On A Budget: 5 Great Places To Shop. I still remember choking on my drink when a neighbor proudly confided that she’d spent $5,900 on her baby daughter’s nursery.


After trying to wipe punch off my silk blouse, I still remember her expression when I blurted, “really?  Wow! Can you adopt ME?”

I mean, seriously–I spent less than $300.00 on Zoe’s nursery  from start to finish.  I’m more worried about saving for the kid’s college education.  (Editor’s note: because as cunning as my precious 5 year old Zoe is, it’s likely going to be Ivy League and before she’s 12.  The girl is already outsmarting me as a toddler.)

Since most of us can’t afford a professional decorator, I wanted to pass on some brilliant decorating ideas from the cleverness of My Blessed Life.


architectural salvage

Decorating On A Budget: 5 Great Places To Shop:


yard sale finds

1.  Yard Sales

At yard sales, I’m always on the lookout for rulers and yard sticks, furniture, books, art, fabric, vintage sewing supplies…and vintage anything.  Few things are sweeter than falling in love with someone else’s junk!


estate sales

2. Estate Sales

Much like yard sales, estate sales are amazing resources for inexpensive home decor.  If you arrive early enough to the sale, you can get “first dibs” on furniture, artwork, accessories, lamps and more.


architectural salve 1

 3.  Salvage Shops

Architectural Salvage stores are a decorator’s dream come true.  I found this after shopping with a friend who styles movie sets.  They literally go into houses and buildings that are going to be torn down and they save everything worth salvaging. Floors, windows, mantels, newel posts from staircases, molding, door knobs, light fixtures and more.


thrift shop 1

4.  Thrift Shops

I love shopping at three or four various thrift shops in my area.  I typically don’t spend a lot of time browsing, but I swoop in and out. If there’s nothing awesome just begging to come home with me, then I move on. Shopping at thrift stores requires that you get over a fear of bugs, germs and “digging.”


Mattress near dump

5.  The Side Of The Road

I got over my self-respect a long time ago and I have no problem digging through stuff on the side of the road. Trash pickup in our city is a dream come true.  Chairs to recover, rickety tables to reglue and paint…amazing.  One tip: leave the mattress where it is.  Don’t touch it.  It cannot be saved.


decorating on a budget pinterest

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7 responses to “Decorating On A Budget: 5 Great Places To Shop”

  1. Cheryl Knight says:

    I shared!

  2. todderinfav5admin says:

    Mwah! Cheryl…Erin 🙂

  3. Auriette says:

    Oh, how many times have I ducked behind the a seat or under the dashboard while my mother picked up junk from the side of the road. I would like to pass on one warning from one of her recent exploits (I wasn’t in the car, thank goodness) – beware of ants. An old wooden chair she collected from a trash pile was crawling with them!

  4. todderinfav5admin says:

    Hah! Auriette, my father was a die-hard trash picker and I remember being so mortified as a child. Now, when I see something really good, I always call my sister right away to pick it up! Good call on the ants, though. Maybe I should add the caution about keeping “treasures” outside till they’re free and clear of hangers on?

  5. ewhatley says:

    We have great consignment stores. Retirees move down here and completely remodel and refurnish their new homes, even if everything is practically brand new. It ‘s amazing how many beautiful pieces we find for so little money. I’ll never buy new furniture again.

  6. Marcus says:

    I’ve always hit up architectural shops when I start a new remdeling project. It’s incredible what people tear out of their homes and throw away as trash.

  7. todderinfav5admin says:

    It KILLS me to pass by a neighbor’s house and see nearly brand-new cabinets and flooring torn out and put by the curb. Then someone else buys the house and the cycle starts again. Re-using is just good sense, isn’t it?

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